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Werkshop is a California-based collective of architects, designers, and developers who specialize in making creative and unique environments for everyday life. The origin of the word “werkshop” is a fusion of the German word “werkstatt” and the English word “workshop” – both of which have the same meaning. This blending of different languages reflects and emulates the cross-cultural collaboration and background of the company’s founders.

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Linguistically, werkshop is a polyseme: a word with multiple meanings and connotations. It is the embodiment of our PLACE + PROCESS. Werkshop is a PLACE where architecture and design are handcrafted. It is an environment of exploration, synthesis and execution. Werkshop is a PROCESS that unifies art [which relies on talent and technique] and science [which relies on knowledge and technology]. It is the culmination of the creative process and the realization of the work.